Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2nd Baby = Less Worries?

First I wanna say that second babies are usually treated with a lot less care and attention than their older bro or sis .. I was trying really really hard to change this but it just happens.. I even got a book to let me know the things that tend to happen so I can prevent them from happening

I have tried to take as many pictures as I did of my first but I feel they are not enough.. In that way I have done my best to show him attention and capture memories for him but where I lack is when he falls or cries I say he is ok or there is nothing wrong but for the first baby forget it. I was the worst run to him at a loud sigh while he slept. Second baby has to cry for 30seconds before I get up.. I am not a horrible mom but it is crazy how the second time things are soo different.

Due to this I want to apologize to everyone that helped me take care of my first born.. I was super annoying and very anal about anything that had to do with him. With my second I am more relaxed and it is not because I love him any less than his big bro but because it is the second time around so there is nothing else to be but relaxed.

Also with him trying new things like foods.. I am much more relaxed when his grandma shoves rice in his mouth at six months.. My first it was a huge argument because of a grain of rice.. Sorry again Grandma..

So apologize said and I love both my boys soo much and as equally as humanly possible.. lol

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

POtty NightMare

Sooo my 2yr old is a crazy funny guy but he is as stubborn as his mama.. We are trying to start him on using the potty before the winter comes.. It is hard work changing pampers all day long not to mention Pretty Expensive.. soo we figured he is two now (big boy) lets try it..

It is hard work if they are ready or not I mean yeah we all learn how to use the potty but as a mom I want his to use it sooner than later.. not at one or 6mths but I think 2 is a good age.. not at 4.. I personally think that is a little late Day cares will not accept children who are not using the potty soo that is another reason to start early.. or sooner than later..

We have the videos and books but this guy is just lazy maybe.. I guess it is kinda annoying to have to stop playing to pull down undies and sit and wait for the pee or poop to come out right?? I guess, because it is all I can think of..

I get sooo upset because he will tell me no no I don't need to use potty but he does.. I have to literally force him to sit sometimes and other times he will tell me "I got to put it in the potty" he will sit and go and get a HUGE smile and yell I DID IT.. so I am soo confused I know he gets it but why does he have to fight me soo much about it.. WWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYY????

We do reward him with one m&m for pee pee and two for poop and three if he poops outside.. which he did once.. I tell him i am soooo proud every time but I guess it is just one of those things where you have good days and bad ones.. but why somethings should be easy .. right?? He loves yellow m&ms soo one of his aunts (god bless her) got him a whole bag of only yellow ones.. We thought he was going to be all good after this but Nope.. he is a fighter and trying to hang on to these diapers..

Maybe it has to do with his younger bro??  I am not sure.. Maybe we all try to hang on to diapers I wish my parents would have written it down.. Like ummm Ruby took 2 weeks or 7 months to get it.. and she was a pest. lol Then maybe I would be sort of prepared for this challenge... Hello Mom Dad Que Paso??

Pray he gets it soon because I can build a sculpture with all the paper towel rolls I have.. :o/

Two Kids is....

OMG I wish someone would have told me how hard it was going to be.. I cant even try to sugar coat this.. it is hard work like drive you super crazy hard work..

My boys are 2 years old and 7 months which means I am right in the middle of Potty Training and Teething.. now if you are not familiar with either it is beyond crazy..

Here is a part of a standard day in my house..I am trying to keep the little one busy with a frozen teething ring which he keeps dropping because it is too cold and they other one holding his penis and then peeing right next to the potty..which is in the living room because we can not all sit in the bathroom all day long

So after the accident, that is like a small lake on the living room floor, your little one who is only happy (for a few minutes) is on the floor falls backwards and starts to cry.. He is fine because per the doctor the front and back of his head are the hardest parts soo he is ok .. soo I have pee on me plus cleaning product which I have to drop to pick up my baby who is yelling..

When they are semi calm because Team Umizoomi is on.. THANK GOD for t.v. (educational tv at least)
I have to start on the dishes, breakfast dishes and bottles.. I have to keep checking on them just in case there is a new puddle or fall.. when I am half way done the little one starts to cry because his big brother wants to play with any toy he is playing with.. So I break up the madness and back to the dishes
I get to sit for a sec (which means be a clown or a piece of park equipment - a slide) and then I have to start to think about lunch .. it is non stop feed the big one or little one.. diaper/ training pant changes.. dishes clean up messes trying to do everyday chores like laundry change sheets vacuum sweep .. and then trying to get yourself together like hello brushing teeth hair picking out clothes that match.. forget that..

So plan ahead and EAT..  you will lose it if you don't soo get creative.. You need to eat or you will Lose it.. soo stock up on snack bars or instant meals ..I can eat what the big one eats but he is a growing boy so he does eat a lot soo that does not leave much for me.. Remember you have to share everything.. Even though you just feed the older one they are still going to want to taste what you are eating..

I just pray that I can make it through and that raising two boys soo close in age is not impossible because it sure feels that way..

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hey soo there are soo many bottles out there.. but if you are going to invest it is better to get a good
brand that comes with a lot of stuff in the starter set and is made to prevent colic..

The tricky thing is that bottles that prevent colic usually come with extra parts to clean, which is not always
fun.. so i gave you some options..with and without extra parts

Dr Browns - We used these for Ryan But they have extra parts to clean which you need a different little
brush to clean.. it is inlcuded but kinda annoying to have to use two brushes when washing bottles
but good because they have covers so you can shake the formula and not make a mess..which is nice
when making bottles on the go
They are on sale on

Bornfree - We also used these for Ryan you dont need a extra brush but there are extra parts to wash
these nipples are bigger and are more like your breast in case you want to do bottle and breast
This gift set is good because one of them comes with a sterilzer which you do need

* You should sterailzer bottles once a week for the first few months - Dont worry u dont have to do this*

Tommee Tippee - We are using these for Kevin now They are cute and No extra parts but they still help with colic - one we got now

Playtex - We were going to use these for Kevin but we got a better deal on the other ones..but these
do not have extra parts but help with colic

Hello World

So I am a mother of two boys. We will call my boys Squishy who is 2 and Squirmy who is 6mths. I have had the pleasure of being the first in my family to give my parents grandkids. That is a great but that means I have to figure out all this mom stuff out first.. It is good and bad.. Since I am told I am doing a good job being a mom I figured I would try to share my experiences / advice..with other new moms that are blessed to be the first ones in their family to become a mom.. I do not do everything my mother tells me to do, I take some modern approaches and then sometimes I kick it old school and take my mom and grandmas advice..But not that often..hello it is

My blogs will be advice that I have given my friends that are becoming new moms, from what bottles to use to where you can get the best clothes. Also I will write my experiences that have helped me learn that there are different ways to think and handle the delight situations that come along with being a Mom Not a good or bad one Just a mom..