Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hey soo there are soo many bottles out there.. but if you are going to invest it is better to get a good
brand that comes with a lot of stuff in the starter set and is made to prevent colic..

The tricky thing is that bottles that prevent colic usually come with extra parts to clean, which is not always
fun.. so i gave you some options..with and without extra parts

Dr Browns - We used these for Ryan But they have extra parts to clean which you need a different little
brush to clean.. it is inlcuded but kinda annoying to have to use two brushes when washing bottles
but good because they have covers so you can shake the formula and not make a mess..which is nice
when making bottles on the go
They are on sale on

Bornfree - We also used these for Ryan you dont need a extra brush but there are extra parts to wash
these nipples are bigger and are more like your breast in case you want to do bottle and breast
This gift set is good because one of them comes with a sterilzer which you do need

* You should sterailzer bottles once a week for the first few months - Dont worry u dont have to do this*

Tommee Tippee - We are using these for Kevin now They are cute and No extra parts but they still help with colic - one we got now

Playtex - We were going to use these for Kevin but we got a better deal on the other ones..but these
do not have extra parts but help with colic

Hello World

So I am a mother of two boys. We will call my boys Squishy who is 2 and Squirmy who is 6mths. I have had the pleasure of being the first in my family to give my parents grandkids. That is a great but that means I have to figure out all this mom stuff out first.. It is good and bad.. Since I am told I am doing a good job being a mom I figured I would try to share my experiences / advice..with other new moms that are blessed to be the first ones in their family to become a mom.. I do not do everything my mother tells me to do, I take some modern approaches and then sometimes I kick it old school and take my mom and grandmas advice..But not that often..hello it is

My blogs will be advice that I have given my friends that are becoming new moms, from what bottles to use to where you can get the best clothes. Also I will write my experiences that have helped me learn that there are different ways to think and handle the delight situations that come along with being a Mom Not a good or bad one Just a mom..