Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2nd Baby = Less Worries?

First I wanna say that second babies are usually treated with a lot less care and attention than their older bro or sis .. I was trying really really hard to change this but it just happens.. I even got a book to let me know the things that tend to happen so I can prevent them from happening

I have tried to take as many pictures as I did of my first but I feel they are not enough.. In that way I have done my best to show him attention and capture memories for him but where I lack is when he falls or cries I say he is ok or there is nothing wrong but for the first baby forget it. I was the worst run to him at a loud sigh while he slept. Second baby has to cry for 30seconds before I get up.. I am not a horrible mom but it is crazy how the second time things are soo different.

Due to this I want to apologize to everyone that helped me take care of my first born.. I was super annoying and very anal about anything that had to do with him. With my second I am more relaxed and it is not because I love him any less than his big bro but because it is the second time around so there is nothing else to be but relaxed.

Also with him trying new things like foods.. I am much more relaxed when his grandma shoves rice in his mouth at six months.. My first it was a huge argument because of a grain of rice.. Sorry again Grandma..

So apologize said and I love both my boys soo much and as equally as humanly possible.. lol