Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Children are lil MOnSteRs

yes i think soo .. Super Cute ones.. but they are
Soo Monsters you are scared to hear the roar.. I am scared to hear my babies cry because it means i have to get up and do a task even if i only got one hour of sleep.
You don't want a monster to see you soo you hide from them.. I hide from my babies when it is time to make a bottle or a meal.. if they see me the crying aka roaring starts..
You would not disturb a sleeping monster right.. I will tip toe and do a mission impossible move to not wake up my babies.. OMG it is a team effort to get them to go to sleep soo to wake them up is just plain crazy
Monsters are messy eaters right.. Well my babies get food everywhere.. it is crazy the places i find food..

Monsters or not i love them to pieces.