Saturday, March 31, 2012


Soo there is a lot to be said about multi-tasking..especially as a mom..ok a parent..cuz good dads do their fair share.. IN order for me to go anywhere with my two boys.. i have to multi task out the butt..or we will be in pjs all day long..
So I dress them first most of the time.. but if they entertained with the TV (aka bff) then i will try to get ready myself.. but these guys are glued to me so it is only a matter of time before one finds me and the other is not too far behind.. soo it is like a 5 min window to do everything.. i am talking using the toilet while brushing your hair and gargling with mouthwash cuz u know there is no time to brush ur teeth if u ever wanna leave the house and be on time..
Leaving the house is one example but how about when you wanna cook a meal for ur hubby or yourself cuz heating up nugget and frozen veggies gets old you have to cut and stir while two little ones are hanging on ur legs pulling your pants here is the picture pants half down puling them up with one hand stirring with the other while you almost trip on all the seltzer (my fave drink) bottles on the floor because this is what they want to play with NOT the 100s of toys they have in their room
I hope that it will get easier leave the house.. but i don't see that happening anytime soon soo i will continue to overwork my brain and do 100 things in a mater of one hour just soo they all get done

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mom Tip -

When you are alone watching the kids or kid.. and you feel like you need to get things done but the lil one(s) wont take a nap then just wear them and
I do it all the time.. put on the baby carrier, snugli strap-on whatever you call it..and keep doing what you have to do..
My youngest is teething soo he is super super cranky sleeps but wakes up yelling i have dishes to do, floors to mop my teeth to brush and the cable guy coming in two hours soo i cant sit and cradle him the whole day.. soo I put him in the Ergo baby carrier we have and did the dishes..As i do the dishes i sway from side to side and he is out..
It is the best way to give them the warmth and attention they need but still get somethings done..

Please don't cook or use strong cleaning chemicals while you have them in the carrier.. I know that is obvious but i am just putting it out there :o)

Stay tune for more tips..