Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Mom Tips - Changing Poop

Ok soo here is a tip that may seem very DUh but in the moment you should remember this blog..Soo when you little one decided to poop super crazy style have everything ready before you attack the situation.. So have the wipes, new pampers (sometimes you think that they are done but they just want a new pamper soo have two just in case), ointment, a toy to keep your little one busy while you wipe and wipe and sometimes if you know in advance it was a super poop bring a plastic bag to put all the mess in..
So when you are getting ready to clean the mess up don't put the mess in arms length of your baby yes duh but sometimes you forget..i sure do all the time.. i would recommend putting it behind you or very far from the baby..cause they get creative and make their foot stick to the pamper and then the mess is everywhere..
Soo yes a word to the wise don't just place the pamper where you think is good Think before you place dears.. Next time we will talk about changing crazy poop pamper outside when there is NO changing table in the restroom.. that would be tooo much for one blog