Monday, October 29, 2012

To Teach or Not to Teach ?? BIG Question..

Yes you do you have to literally explain EVERYTHING to them. You are responsible for teaching them EVERYTHING. This is good and bad at the same time.
I am soo grateful for teachers because I cannot imagine doing it all the time for everything, like math, science, reading, writing, etc. I collect box tops of education to help schools because if it was only up to parents had to teach all of the things teachers do i dont think children would not be soo bright.
I recently started doing workbooks at home with my three year old. I am doing it to keep his mind busy and growing and because daycare is like $775 a month soo I have to do this myself until public school.
Do you know a child is not born knowing how to hold a pencil?? Yes I did too but I had NOOOO idea how freaking hard it is to teach and explain.. yea these are the things that you dont think about when you think about having a baby
I guess I dont have to teach him right but why not.. I think my kids can be even better than me and my fiancee. So if me teaching them to use a pencil at home helps them stay ahead in school I will def do it and I know it will be worth it..

Sometimes using this, teach them every single thing scenario, to your advantage can be a wonderful thing. For example, not teaching them that gum is for chewing but simply little balls that you can roll around. This does get interesting if the child licks them or has wet hands and the gum stains their hands but you can use this time to be super creative.
Chewing gum is not sometime they have to learn at three years old. There is tons of time to chew gum. So when you have to explain crazy things that you don't know how to explain remember that sometimes there are things you don't have to explain yet :o)
While you are prego there should be a page in the prego journals or week by week books where you can start trying to explain things like what is being disrespectful or why you have to nap when you are growing up??
There are Soooo many different things that you have to figure out how explain in simple terms because if you use a word they don't know now you got off one explanation for another. So be thankful for teachers and children's TV.. These things help raising children a little easier :o) These shows have thought out tricky explanations and made songs to help you work through them.

A show that I use all the time is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS Kids.

Smart Mouth or Learning??

Soo my three year old is a very verbal child.. Lately, he has started talking back which is crazy. I thought this started at 5 or 6 so this is very unexpected.

Sometimes he is talking back and needs to be put in check but other times he is just saying the solution to the problem at hand.
Example, of needing to be checked. I say "Eat your food and then have some juice." He says "Mom I want drink and then to eat". I say "No eat more then drink" He says "NOooo drink." This can go on all night. I feel that this needs to stop at the first answer.. what a mom or dad says has to be respected or else the roles will be reserved and then I see long term problems.

Example, of a valid answer / solution to a problem. I say "You are spilling rice all over the floor and I just finished vacuuming the floor." He says "Mom you can just vacuum again." Now this seems like a smart mouth answer but it is true if the floor is dirty you can just vacuum it again. Which happens more often then I would

So this is a time where a parent has to take a step back and remember they are speaking to a child, no matter the age of the child, and not a grown up. He is giving me a logically solution to a problem that I gave him. This is what all the childrens programs are teaching the kids, problem solving. Since we are used to dealing with adults being rude or dicky you first react is to get upset, or at least mine is. You have to take a step back and say OK he doesn't know he is hurting my feelings or treating me as if I have nothing better to do then to vacuum after every meal, so you have to explain it to them.

Looking at things from another person's point of view is a hard task that some people never learn but at this age it is not possible yet. Child psychology proves this fact.

So take your time to think before you punish or yell at your little smart kid. This is not easy but after your done yelling at think about what happened later you will feel bad. So stop and listen and then explain and explain. Use some show examples if that helps, I use them all the time and sing songs.

and remember we want our children to use their words and not hit and yell so you know what we have to do the same.. lead by example..