Friday, December 7, 2012

Maintaining your Pee Pee Bottle (P.P.B)

So the pee pee bottle is a great trick but there is some work that goes along with it. Yes of course anything that has to do with kids is work..everyone knows that lol

Soo try to remember to clean pee pee bottle  (P.P.B) after every use. Yes this goes without saying but who hasn't left groceries in the basket under the stroller.. I have soo many times, milk, eggs, you name it. So try hard to remember because if not' you will not be using that bottle for much longer.

Even if you clean P.P.B after every use, like everything else, they still have an expriation date. So dont find out the hard way like ME.

On the plane ride back home from DisneyWorld (yes we are crazy and took them -lol) My older son had to use the potty. He started to do his dance. I did not even look up to see if someone was in the restroom or not, I reached for my handy dandy P.P.B. As I unscrewed the cap of the Arizona bottle I heard a fizz sound - psssssss - and felt drops of pee/water spray everywhere. Like on my hands, cheeks and LIPS. OMG how gross but I just had to wipe off my face and let him use the potty in the P.P.B.

Another time, at a doctors appointment, I my older son started doing the pee pee dance again. The appt was for my younger son and we were already in the room soo I couldnt leave to find the restroom soo I reached under the stroller for my handy dandy P.P.B. The minute I opened the bottle the room smelled like a gross public restroom.. Really gross but I still had to use it.

A trick I have been using to make our P.P.B. last a bit longer. After I dump out the pee pee and wash it with soap and water I leave some of the clean soapy water in the bottle. I leave the water in there so when you have to use it the bottle smells like soap. The stronger the scent the better and soap is safe for the little penis that is going to be peeing inside of the bottle.

The next thing they have to invent is a pocket in a baby bag for the handy dandy P.P.B...Oh yea look out for that one

Sick Baby

So of course no one wants their baby to be sick but it happens and the first thing you should do is go to doctor. Since babies cant talk they cant let you know what is going on so dont try to figure it out on your own go see your doctor. Sometimes the doctor can not give you any medication because of babies weight, age or the virus just needs to run its course and there are no meds for it. Yes this is a real answer your doctor can give you sooo be ready.
Here are a few at home treatments you can try -
Humidifer- there are tons out there but the easiest one i have found to use and clean is the Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer ( i got ours from Walmart for $15)
You can buy Vicks VapoSteam Liquid Medication, 8 fl oz to put in the medcine cup and this really helps to stop coughing.

Warm bath- they sell a special baby bath that is for babies with colds. Johnsons&Johnsons makes one but i think Duane Reade, Target, Rite Aid, etc make their own verisons. It is a Vapor bath and the bottle is usually green.

Baby Rub- this is the baby version of Vicks. If you baby is really little you can rub this on their feet and put socks on them. If you have a older child you can still do the feet and rub some on their chest too.

Steam room- let the hot shower run in the bathroom until the room is hot and steamy. Then sit in there with your lil one for a few minutes, the longer the better. You are basically creating a big humidifier.

Honey- a little bit of honey can soothe a throat but this one is only for babies over 1 years old. Doctors say babies cant have honey until they are one.

TLC - there is nothing like some tender, love and care to help any baby or person feel better. so cuddle with your little one and even let them sleep with you I find you can sleep better knowing your little one is right next to you.

Hope these tips work and your babies stay happy and healthy always