Thursday, October 12, 2017

Apple Picking at Stuart's Farm

It was our second year visiting and it was as twice as nice.

The first time we went on a holiday, Columbus Day, which fell on a weekday. That time it was not a full and not as many activities to do but still a nice time. This time we went on a Saturday so there were more people but the only place we felt it was the parking lot, lol. The weekends have a lot more activities so although there were more people everyone was able to spread out so we can all have a great time.

Cruz Critter in the Pumpkin patch

They have hay rides, corn maze, picnic tables, pumpkin patch and apple orchard. The maze and the hay ride are additional fees ($2 per person) so we did not go but they looked very fun. We did buy a lot of the farm fresh items like sweet corn, butternut squash, apples, fruit rolls, cookies, donuts, lemonade and a few other items.

One of my younger sister joined us. This is her with the Critters not me, people think we are twins

The lemonade was part of the Alex's Lemonade Stand fund so it was $2 but part of the price went to the fund. It was tasty too so that helped. We got about six cups in total, lol yup it was good and we were hot.

The stand out must see attraction (for me at least) is the Donut making machine. It is so awesome to see to donut shaped dough drop into the hot oil then be covered in cinnamon and sugar. They are sooo good and FRESH. The a half dozen cost about 5 bucks we got the full dozen to have some to bring home. The kids really like to see the process too. I like that they can see the steps it takes to make a tasty treat. Kids think things just magically happen so it is great to show them in real life a pretty cool process.

Tips before you go:
- Use the bathroom before you arrive. Might be a little tricky for us the ride was about 45 mins but if you do have to go the only option for bathrooms are Port a Potties so be prepared with the wet ones, hand sanitizer and patience.
- Bring CASH the prices are not bad but depending on what you want to buy/do and how much of it you need you will need cash, they don't do credit/debit cards. They do have a ATM in the main bldg (where the Donut Maker is) but there was a lengthy line to use it. Luckily, I had cash so did not have the chance to see the fees but I can imagine there were the same as any ATM.
- Pack the camera, extra batteries and extra memory card. The scenery is so beautiful. I am all about the pictures so I even brought a extra change of clothes for Rebel Girl (so yes she is wearing a different outfit but the pictures are all from the same day). Even the ride there is breathtaking. Look at this view from a bridge on the way there.

- Lastly, pack lunch they have TONS of sweets (Hello a DONUT MAKING MACHINE) but not many real food options. They did had hot dogs but this was the only "overpriced" thing. $3 a pop for the dogs, I def love hot dogs but I can feed my whole crew with $3 when I buy the dogs from the supermarket, lol. I am a mom that loves coupons, deal, saving and FREE stuff so def was not going to buy my critters each a $3 hot dog. The my boys usually eat two like myself so that is going into crazy territory so we passed on those and filled up on donuts and lemonade.

                                                      2016                                     2017

It was a really nice family day. It is all about the memories you make right. I remember the times when I went apple picking with my parents & siblings so I am so grateful and blessed to be able to share with my family. We were chasing butterflies through the apple trees and watching them drink the nectar from the crushed apples with bees by their side, picture below. It was hotter than it technically should be in October but definitely worked out in our favor.

Check them out on their website for updates:

Best part was we had some goodies left over so I had a sweet breakfast the next morning and got to relive the experience all over again.
Can't wait for next year....


  1. Can't wait to take my mini. Might need to check this place out.

    1. Def worth the trip, thanks for comment