Sunday, October 22, 2017

Super League Gaming - Minecraft Edition

In  case you did not know I am a true gamer YUP. Girls can like games too, lol. I was the middle kid of five always fighting for MY turn on the Sega Genesis. I would ask for video game consoles for my birthdays and would absolutely love my time spent ALONE when I would get beat levels or even entire games. I was all about the Mario games and Sonic was also my jam.

So with all of that said, it is a given that my Cruz Critters are gamers as well. Yup all 3, my little @rebelgirl.0504 even loves to grab my tablet and play some games. It is a nice thing we can all relate with. Believe it or not I still have to fight for my turn, LOL.

My oldest critter is all about the latest trends and will try all of the new games. He does have his favorites and Minecraft is definitely one of them. So when @justabxmom told me about a the Super League Champs MINECRAFT event I thought we have to go. We already had our day planed but I am all about trying new things so we got up a bit earlier and make it work.

We clicked the link , below and registered right away. Check it out here

My oldest son got his own laptop for his 8th birthday. He has been buggin us to get him the full version of Minecraft on this laptop. We did download the trial version (because it was free). This was the perfect reason to finally buy the full version of the game. So as I was trying to prepare for the Super League Champs event I downloaded the Window 10 Minecraft version. Did you know that there is not only ONE version of this game available for download on a laptop. I mean me being a gamer I think I would be pretty savvy but nope. So we arrive early to event and we are ready to go. laptop is charged, charger packed and excitement high. We signed in, got our special edition jersey and tag to write our Gamer tag on, he wrote his gamer tag himself. I helped a little though, lol.

So we go into the movie theater and the seats are labeled for all the gamers. The parents were supposed to go to the lower level to just to enjoy the game on the big screen. I never made it down there because we had a lot of technical difficulties. Before I go into that I have to say the on site Super League staff was great. They were so helpful and apologetic. They did realize things were a little crazy for the first day of this event but they did their best and always smiled and thanked the gamer or gamer's parents.

So we needed the JAVA version of the Minecraft laptop edition not the Windows 10 version. So we had a lot to do and Marco, Super League staff member got it all done. We needed internet so he made his phone into a hot spot. He uninstalled the Windows 10 version, we created a new Mojang account, install the Java version and then installed the Resources Packs we needed to play on the Super League server. So does seem like a lot but because Marco was so helpful all of this got done with just enough time to play the last round. The last round was ZOMBIES, which is always fun especially right before Halloween.


Once he was playing I sat back, still in gamer's section and just listened and watched the game. It was awesome to hear other kids saying good things about his gamertag, TattleTailXD.

I am hoping to get a better understanding of all the rules and rounds the next time we go.

Let's Go Team New York Fury!!

Definitely sign up for updates from both of these sites.

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