Monday, November 6, 2017

Super League Minecraft

TEAM NEW YORK FURY made it to the FINALS !!!! and the crowds go WILD. This means we get a extra week of playing on the big screen at the Cinema De lux theater. I am hoping for more goodies but we are just excited to get to play again for another week with our new friends aka team mates.

This week was full of ups and downs but as always the Team from Super League that organized this event was on point and always trying to keep all the teams spirits up. We arrived right on time and in a mad dash to get logged on to the SuperLeague server we were told by our team, there was a major problem with the WiFi and the server was unavailable. We slowed down and got comfortable. At this session, we had the whole crew, all of the Critters, with us so we had extra people to get settled. When we actually started playing this meant we have extra cheerleaders.


                                           Baby bro and Dad watching Big Bro rock it out on Team E

We learned the problem was not a quick fix so we would have to wait a while longer. The Super League team got us all a snack to pass the time. Huge buckets of popcorn were passed around the room for everyone to snack on. A few moms in the group got the snack situation under control by getting all the players individual snack trays so everyone could enjoy their own portion of the huge popcorn bucket. You got to love the Team Moms, excellent thinking.

         Rebel.Girl.54 got her hands on one of the huge buckets, don't worry it wasn't full

As the popcorn was winding down the problem was still not fixed, the players were keeping busy chatting with their team mates and playing Minecraft, off line or other computer games that did not require internet. The Super League kept trying to keep us all updated and then even confirmed that the players would all get pizza at the end of the session. There were all excited so there were no riots, lol. Since we were still waiting some kids had a rap battle with the Super League staff. The players won, of course, wink wink. It was pretty cool to give the kids another opportunity to shine.

So at about 12 noon-ish the teams were allowed to start connecting to the server. They did not want to the server to crash so they advised to log in team by team. We are Team E so we had to still wait patiently, we watched as the other teams slowly logged on. It was meant to be that they gave out Nickelodeon fidget spinners. This definitely helped to pass the time, more great thinking. Due to the delay they two cut events out, Workshop and Walls. Some of the other Team E players were not happy about this but they still did great. We placed in the top 3 for the Soccer event which was definitely cause for a big cheer. I was cheering for them and I felt good because I actually understood what was happening, only took me a couple of weeks right, LOL!

                                                                   Go Team E !!!!!!!

We are so happy to be going to the FINALS and I will have the full report next week. Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don't miss it.

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